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Born and raised in Raleigh, North Carolina, Jeremy Waddell graduated from Duke University in 2014 as a Nurse Practitioner, and completed his doctorate there in 2015. Starting as a Registered Nurse in 2006, his entire career has been dedicated to the study and management of cardiovascular disease. He worked for the University of North Carolina health system for five years before moving to the Crystal Coast. He has also held faculty appointments at the University of Mount Olive and Campbell University. In 2018 he authored his first cardiology textbook, Waddell's Theory of Cardiology, which has been used by multiple colleges and universities around the country to teach students how to correctly assess, diagnose, and manage various heart conditions.

While visiting friends and family in Swansboro, NC he realized that there were no specialists in cardiovascular disease in the area, yet one was desperately needed with the growing and aging population. Realizing the need was greatest in the area between Jacksonville and Morehead, he and his wife Amy began the process of planning and relocating their family to the area in 2018.  After nearly 15 months of planning, the first cardiology practice on Emerald Isle was born.

Some of his favorite hobbies include woodworking, welding, and building Jeeps, Hummers, and anything else he can drive on the beach.  He is quite the animal-lover, and would own a zoo in his backyard if his wife would let him.  For now, he has his dog and a pet duck.

So what kind of doctor is he?
We are often asked what kind of doctor Jeremy actually is. Jeremy holds five college degrees and certificates... A diploma (similar to an associate's degree), Bachelor's, and Master's in Nursing, a post-Master's certificate in Nursing Education (similar to a second Master's degree), and a Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) degree.  He received the last three from Duke University.  Combined, he was in college for a total of 13 years. While most Nurse Practitioners have a Master's degree, some have chosen to continue their education to the doctoral level. He is not a Medical Doctor (MD), but does hold a doctoral degree, similar to many other professional doctorates.

It is commonly debated as to who should be allowed to use the term "Doctor".  "Doctor" is not a term that Medical Doctors own. Dentists, Psychologists, Podiatrists (foot doctors), Oral surgeons, Orthodontists, Chiropractors, and Optometrists are not MDs, and do not go to Medical School.  They are all referred to as Doctors though, because they all hold professional doctorates in their field.  Many college professors have doctorates in their fields and are referred to by names like "Dr. Smith" in their classrooms. While it would not be wrong to refer to Jeremy as “Dr. Waddell”, to avoid any confusion, he typically just goes by “Jeremy”.

The term "Cardiologist" is reserved for physicians who specialize in Cardiology. Jeremy's  degree is "Adult and Gerontology Primary Care with a focus in Cardiovascular disease".  For that reason, he does not use the term "Cardiologist", and never has.  As with all Nurse Practitioners in North Carolina, he is required to have a collaborating physician...  A Cardiologist who agrees to collaborate with him in case he encounters a patient situation in which he is not sure what to do.  This physician does not have to be in the office, but does have to be able to be reached by phone in case of emergency.  The majority of states in the US no longer require this agreement at all, and recognize Nurse Practitioners as having full authority to practice.  North Carolina is one of only 12 states still requiring this type of agreement.  There is currently a legislature in both the NC house and the NC senate looking to do away with this outdated requirement.

In the office setting, there is not much of a difference between what DNPs and MDs can do.  Their education and training paths are quite different, but their capabilities in the office setting can be similar.  They both assess patients, order tests, diagnose problems, and prescribe medications.  Our office does EKGs, ultrasounds, and stress tests just like any other cardiology practice.  He can diagnose pacemaker problems and make programming changes as necessary.  He also treats conditions like chest pain, palpitations (forceful or irregular heart beats), and heart failure.  

What our patients are saying about us...

"Extremely great team. Had high blood pressure emergency and they let me come in immediately. Dr. Waddell found the quickest working medication. Very happy and relaxed."

Carl P.

Wilmington, NC

"Very knowledgeable staff and great administration. In a small town, it's hard to find a doctor's office that has an efficient system and is up to date on insurance policies. I have found that Jeremy Waddell's office is professional and friendly. Jeremy Waddell has many years of experience and a great bedside manner."


"We are blessed to have Dr. Waddell in our area...immediate answers...experienced and knowledgable...grateful he has moved to our underserved area."

Ruby W.

Swansboro, NC

"It's been a pleasure as always!"

Bruce W.

"Dr. Jeremy is awesome! He saw us right away and did all the testing needed to determine my husbands cardiac condition. Very caring and professional."

Sue P.

"Dr. Waddell was very caring, very thorough, he prescribed new meds that work, I'm pain free...I finally feel heard, looked after, and no longer dismissed."

Terra G.

"Dr. Waddell and his staff are great. The Dr's knowledge and personality put me at ease. This office staff actually answers their phones! They schedule appointments quickly. The Cardiac RN that did my stress test was awesome! He made me feel very comfortable, I was informed of every move. I loved his sense of humour, it made for a 'stress-free' stress test!"

Vickie B.

"Everybody was wonderful!"

Dotty B.

"Dr. Waddell and his staff are by far the best I've seen in years. The knowledge the Dr has and the way he breaks it down makes it a whole lot easier to understand. Everyone in the building treats you like a special patient not just a number. I have and will continue to refer people to this office. Absolutely hands down the best."

Andrew S.

"Refreshing professionalism and personalities. The Dr. and the five members of his staff that I had the pleasure of meeting made the experience very comfortable. I strongly recommend this practice."

Stephen R.

"Very professional and friendly. All of the staff appear to be more than capable at their specific position. All staff explained what the specific procedures were going to be putting me at ease. Jeremy Waddell did an excellent job in my view. Highly recommend."

Lynne S.

Jacksonville, NC

"Excellent care! Dr. Jeremy and his staff are top notch and on the cutting edge but with the personal old fashion concern for the individual patient and their needs. Always take the time for a thorough evaluation and follow-up. Leaves you with the peace of mind you are in good hands."

Cassie P.

"You are Superstars!"

Javon A.

"Dr. Waddell is a truly incredible provider...highly intelligent, knowledgeable, and is extremely kind. He listens to you...he truly cares."

Samantha S.

"I was very impressed by this office and how in touch they seem to be with our community. I would definitely return and I recommend them highly."

Elaine J.

Hubert, NC

"Very thorough!"

Kimberly F.

"Dr. Waddell is great. Nice atmosphere inside the office, nurses are very nice. Highly recommend."

Michael J.

Emerald Isle, NC

"Referred to this group recently by primary care Dr. I have been having a lot of dizzy spells and blood pressure increasing into stroke range. The whole team was excellent. They are prompt at answering the phone and answering questions. If you are in need of their type services I would highly recommend them."

Don G.

Morehead City, NC

"Thank you for seeing me even though I wasn't on the schedule."

Kathy H.

"Very impressed. Good vibes when you walk in, 3 people up front they were very nice - doesn’t feel like a clinic."

Brent S.